We are Tracey and Steve, Bengal cat breeders based approx 20 miles south of Norwich, ( near to Diss in Norfolk. Our Bengals are our hobby and passion. We are dedicated to producing high quality and highly socialised Bengal kittens with rosettes and glitter on their pelts and personalities to match. With this in mind our priority is to treat all our cats and kittens as family pets. They live with us in the house and spend time outside in their own secure garden areas. We have spent extra time and love to ensure that they are well adjusted and gregarious.

Painting:- 'The Bengal 6' by Jill Tisbury http://www.jilltisbury.co.uk
Premier Rajique Indian Shadow; Rajique Incantation (Inca); Rajique Sonnet (Sonny);
Premier Rajique Lakota Spirit; Typhast Carminah (Mina); Rajique Jasper;


The Bengal is a very special kind of cat.........................

The stunning wild beauty of the Bengal cat will take your breath away, but it is their amazing intelligence and delightful personality that will steal your heart for evermore!

Generally speaking, Bengal cats and kittens are active, energetic, intelligent, self assured, outgoing, friendly, affectionate and make wonderful household pets and great companions that interact well with children and other pets.

If you too are considering sharing your home with one of these truly beautiful cats, you will be looking for a healthy, well adjusted, sociable kitten.

Your new Bengal cat will be the best cat that has ever owned YOU.


Typhast Carminah (Mina) - 'Who's out there?'
All kittens are sold at no earlier than 13 weeks with full detailed pedigree, fully vaccinated, wormed, vet checked and insured for 4 weeks with Pet Plan. 
Details of any KITTENS currently available are listed on our kittens page.
Feel free to browse our pages and contact us if you require more information on any aspect.
Learn more about the history,characteristics, behaviours and temperament of the Bengal cat by clicking in the information link.
GCCF registered Bengal cat breeders
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