Jasper's holiday 

Spirit - 'Don't mess with me!' 

Mina - Where's my dinner?

Spirit - 'On display' 

Inca - 'Can I come too?'

 Shadow - 'Chill time....'

Mina - 'What's cooking Mum?' 

Jasper - 'Happy Christmas, I like this tree mum!' 

Shadow, Spirit, Mina - 'Lazy day' 

Mina, Shadow - ' Great pillow!' 

Mina - 'Keeping warm' 

 Mina - 'Come on then?'

'Ball games'

Shadow 'Roasting'

Shadow & Spirit - 'Who's shadow is this then?' 

Spirit & Shadow - 'Brotherly love' 

Jasper - 'What's all this about then?' 

 Spirit & Shadow - 'Posing'

Inca - 'Look at me!' 

Spirit - 'I'm very fruity' 
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